When the sea
Rock & Watercolour

When the Sea, Benoît's song conveyed to comics on a large format.

Literature and watercolor

Small mechanical beings are staged in the living world and illustrated by original texts written by different authors.


Emotion & months

The year in 12 symphonic movements

Artistic trio on a musical inspiration from OAMM, Design by Loriane, watercolors EMMS





Images and sound to accompany the watercolors.
Many watercolors are accompanied by videos. Here are a few.

Watercolor and video are part of the same artistic project. The video explains what is the process, how the watercolor takes shape. And the emotion, of course.

Articles en vedette

On display
Featured articles
The rockstar of the Medina. Who sings the watercolours of Casa.
Get lost in the Medina of Casablanca.
Which of the place or its inhabitants shape the other?
In the style of
"In the style of ", 6 watercolors that follow the style of an artist.
This project closes my book of animal watercolors.
A collaborative artistic creation with Xunny.
We prepare on a graphic tablet, I paint on a watercolor notebook
The site includes several references of books and magazines.
I prepare the paintings on a digital drawing, then paint them in watercolor.
Watercolor requires the mastery of some techniques. Since the preparation of the sheet to different painting techniques, there are things to know.
Stretching watercolour paper
Prevent papersheets from curling.
Mice tones
How to make the gray sing, shading the underlying colors?
Digital drawing
Set up your graphics tablet.
3D Animation
3D Animation experimentations over various softwares.
Some explanations on the organization of the site.
It's a bit of a catch-all, but most of the articles are about watercolor.
They are organized on 4 sections of menus described on the right-side.
The watercolors are classified by genre: portraits, nudes, animals, fantastic, landscapes.
The articles can be downloaded in PDF.
A blog section where I keep track of daily events.
And also unexpectingly, a Joomla coding section, plus links to watercolor sites.
The section of drawing and watercolor books. And issues from the Art of Watercolour, where you can find many watercolorists from around the world.
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