Do not miss the sections dedicated to the Art of Watercolor and Mike Mattesi

12 compositions each treated by 2 artists to compare and highlight the different approaches to deal with the same subject.

The sources of inspiration are marine landscapes, countryside, still lifes, presented step by step.

Vanguard publishes a series of renowned authors sketchbook, allowing us to enjoy the sketches of Frazetta. On 160 pages we have exclusive nude drawings, illustrations of renowned studies to feel Frazetta's great and epic breath.

Sketch notebooks reveal original ideas, with the force of spontaneity. But also display remorse, reversals from initial design to the final version.

In this book, Mary Whyte guides beginning and intermediate watercolorists, explaining the ways of painting of portraits and figures in watercolor.

Adopting a very realistic pictural style, specific to American school, Mary Whyte questions the artistic intention, valuation of the model, the arrangement of colors and background.

Leaf through the book.

Richard TAYLOR'S books are designed as thematic guides for lovers of landscapes.

The choice of colors is explained in detail and the combination of colors is represented throughout the book. In 2001, Pocket Watercolor Editions have published 4 booklets of 94 pages, format 15X21cm.

The Natural Way to Paint

Charles Reid's style is characterized by very loose, free sketchy lines and use of spotty watercolors. That's how all his examples look in the book. The style might not be for everyone, but he has included colour mixes so you can develop your own style. You can apply the lessons learned to all sorts of figures, although the nude is primarily featured in the book.