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Richard TAYLOR'S books are designed as thematic guides for lovers of landscapes.

The choice of colors is explained in detail and the combination of colors is represented throughout the book. In 2001, Pocket Watercolor Editions have published 4 booklets of 94 pages, format 15X21cm.

Hills & mountains

collines-icoHills & mountains


Shadows, page 23palette

In this book, the author addresses the components of hilly landscapes, tinted of purple and light green, ie rocks, cabins, wooded areas and the influence of seasons.

We learn how to make shadows that form clouds over the hills playing with hues and shades to express relief.

In this example, you can see the tips for choosing brushes, stages of performances, the choice of colors to restore the light in the picture.




Step-by-step presentation

Step 4Step 3Step 2Step 1

Several paintings are described step by step until the final painting.




Case study


The author finally proposes several scenes in situation, explaining with the same level of detail the choice of colors, painting technique, but also artistic view and the way to render a scene. Below is an example of a preliminary study on a ridge.