The Art of Watercolour Release 32 begins with the news celebrating the creation in the United States 100 years ago of the National Watercolor Society. The usual sections follow with the revelations : French Philippe Lhez, Canadians Kathy Bunze and Carole-Anne Almquist, Spanish Joan Coch Rey. and the discovery of Ali Sarrmadi , without forgetting the favorite painting of   Marc Folly and the latest paintings from 8 artists.

Chinese Richard Chao paints portraits that reveal the inner world of her models, while the Australian Christine Porter takes us through the Australian regions and Jean-Louis Thibaut on the Norman landscapes.

The portraits with a supplement of soul are worn on the full pages of the portfolio of Dean Mitchell. Nwe meet the realist Angus McEwan whom we have known for several issues, and another British landscaper, Brian Smith.

Two Americans are interviewed: Linda Hutchinson and Nathan Fowkes, as well as the architect Malcom Carver.
At the end of the magazine, the "know-how" of Lok Kerk-Hwang which presents several step by step.

In this 25th of The Art of Watercolor, we begin the News by the Baltic Bridges 2016, held in Lithuania and the 15th Biennial of the New England Watercolor Society . Finally, the exhibition organized at the Shenzhen Museum, in tribute to Xidan Chen.
Two Americans are revealed,   L.S. Eldridge and Vickie Nelson, as well as the South African Kate Graham and the Australian Yvonne Overton , French Véronique Sustrac.
Peggi Habets makes us meet the heart of humanity, and Polina Egorushkina gives us a sense of freedom with an abstract painting. Diane Boilard also represents nature in its color scheme.
The life of an artist is that of the JapaneseKeiko Tanabe , portfolio is Mark Elsmore's who transcends the everyday. Jacques Villares Castillo and   Michael Reardon also are urban watercolorists.
We visit color in its raw state in the workshop of Lyn Evans and take a lesson on values with Lois Wolford. Demo on the street stage with Miguel Linares Rios and Maya-inspired portraits for the American Jan Ledbetter.

The 24th issue of The Art of Watercolor makes its international comeback under the sign of water. The Spanish Nuria Meseguer deploys vast aquatic frescoes from her studio in the Canary Islands. At the antipodes, the American Rose Nygaard develops a gestural abstraction, and the UruguayanAlvaro Castagnet travels the world.
The portfolio is that of the Russian Kiril Bozhkov. After these portraits, we meet the British Stephen Berry and David Poxon.
We visit the workshop of the Iranian Kourosh Aslani. After a focus on the Chinese watercolourist Zhou Tianya, a whole file on watercolor artists on travels.
Not forgetting the usual sections (news, revelations and reader's contest).

The Art of Watercolour #23 was issued on 1st June 2016. It proclaims the diversity between the abstraction of the Belgian Liliane Goossens or the French Agnès Le Dantec, traditional subjects treated either in a conventional way like the portfolio Chinese Yu Siu-Lin, either from a new angle such as snapshots of the Swedish Lars Eje Larsson or the flowers of the German Elke Memmler.
But we start with news from the Rochemaure and the 204th exhibition of the RI in London, plus the traditional my last painting, before going to meet the graceful dancers of Anna Ivanova.

Realism of the sets of the French Alain Page and the characters of the American Gary Akers who enhances contrasts to play with light.
2nd encounter with the boats of the English Ian Ramsay and The Surprising Reflections of the Chinese Girl Jia.Li.
And to finish, the Peruvian Dario Callo Anco in one place one artist together with a demonstration by the American Carl Purcell.

Issue Nr 22 of The Art of Watercolour was published on 1st March 2016. In the News category, we discover the first biennial of the IWS (India) and AWI (Australia). 4 artists are revealed: the BritishJanet Kenyon and Aimee Birnbaum, the German Ingrid Buchthal and the French Muriel Vanhove.
Meet the Australian Julian Bruere, the Americans Leo Kaplan and Ken Goldman president of National Watercolor Society (Usa) . Discussion on abstraction in the the sutdio of the Belgian Nicole B.

A portfolio is devoted to RussianAndrei Zadorine. Meeting with three French artists : Yann Lesacher, Isabelle Corcket and Jean-Luc Mossion. The world of Thai Somsak Chowtadapong and American Charles Henry Rouse.

Readers' competition : the Jury's favorites for Christian Couteau, Paul Nellens and Eric Alix.

Release 21 of the Art of Watercolour was released. In the news section, The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour chaired by John Inglis (until 2016). Three artists revealed: the French Jacky Augagneur and the Reims-native Claude Carretta winner of the reader competition from Issue #20 , the American Dylan Scott Pierce (cover).

The section "my last painting" for 8 artists. At the end of the magazine, John's "favorite painting" John Salminen .

Meet the atmosphere of the city according to the Serbian Dusan Djukaric . Let's sharpen our eyes with the night lights of the British Naomi Tydeman and the original vision of the Australian Mike Kowalski .

A portfolio dedicated to the Shenzhen Biennial which highlights 8 artists, including a Turkish, a Russian and an American, followed by a visit to Vera Dickerson's workshop .

Four Meetings : Rui Zhou a Chinese who goes up on the paths of Jean Vigué , the dogs painted by Kim Johson , the flowers of Paty Becker .

Technical section with the know-how of Lynn Powers and the reader competition.
Let's end with a tribute to 3 talented artists who have disappeared:    Nick Simmons , Paul Dmoch and Fernand Lamy (AoW 9) .

20th issue of the Art of Watercolour was released in december 2015. In the news section, meeting with the Japanese Watercolor Society chaired by Ryoyu Fukui.
Three artists are revealed: the Belgian Fernand Thiepondt, member of watercolors in North and the Russian Sergey Kurbatov, and at the end of the magazine, French Olivier Oudard, without forgetting the "favorite painting" of Alex Powers, followed by 8 artists with the heading "My last painting".

Rendez-vous at the inspiration site for the French Théo Sauer, then we learn how to evolve as an artist to "become a successful artist" by the group of artists composed of Janine Gallizia who also delivers us in pages 84 to 87 "the keys to success" and   Mark Mehaffey,   Chen Chung Xei and   David Poxon.

The portfolio of the Thai Direk Kingnok, the free touch of the Romanian Corneliu Dragan and the artist's life of the Turkish Orhan Gürel .
Meeting in the studio of the American Katherine Chang Liu who practices abstraction in mixed media and with the monochromes of the Russian    Dasha Rybina who discloses to us the secrets of monochrome.
A file about John Singer Sargent and his followers:   Iain Stewart, Ted Nuthall, Lucy Willis and Keith Hornblower.
Finally, the technical section with the textures of hongkongai Stephen Yau, then the readers' contest which rewardsClaude Carretta.