20th issue of the Art of Watercolour was released in december 2015. In the news section, meeting with the Japanese Watercolor Society chaired by Ryoyu Fukui.
Three artists are revealed: the Belgian Fernand Thiepondt, member of watercolors in North and the Russian Sergey Kurbatov, and at the end of the magazine, French Olivier Oudard, without forgetting the "favorite painting" of Alex Powers, followed by 8 artists with the heading "My last painting".

Rendez-vous at the inspiration site for the French Théo Sauer, then we learn how to evolve as an artist to "become a successful artist" by the group of artists composed of Janine Gallizia who also delivers us in pages 84 to 87 "the keys to success" and   Mark Mehaffey,   Chen Chung Xei and   David Poxon.

The portfolio of the Thai Direk Kingnok, the free touch of the Romanian Corneliu Dragan and the artist's life of the Turkish Orhan Gürel .
Meeting in the studio of the American Katherine Chang Liu who practices abstraction in mixed media and with the monochromes of the Russian    Dasha Rybina who discloses to us the secrets of monochrome.
A file about John Singer Sargent and his followers:   Iain Stewart, Ted Nuthall, Lucy Willis and Keith Hornblower.
Finally, the technical section with the textures of hongkongai Stephen Yau, then the readers' contest which rewardsClaude Carretta.

The News

The Japanese Watercolor Society

Work of Yachiyo Beck.

The JWS, founded in 2010, has a relatively shorter but still prosperous history compared to other Japanese companies. One of the highlights was the celebration of his first five years. As specified by Ryouyu Fukui , president of the JWS: "The company is run by artists who each in their own way promote watercolor, both within our borders and abroad.The JWS actually plays the role of a pole that supports each of its members globally by announcing their exhibitions and the output of their works."

The Brioude Biennale

Eight thousand visitors, 370 works sold for this summer biennale in which participated Marc Folly, Pascal Pihen, Yves Coladon and Tom Joseph.

The fact that we are at the 7th Biennial - with many things already seen in previous editions - made us want to really go to different things.

Page 12 Sylvia Crozemarie, president of the biennale

Diane Boilard, Bernache II, 30 x 30 cm.



El festival. 56 x 76 cm.

The Belgian Fernand Thienpondt

I consider watercolor (and any form of art, for that matter) as a way of living more intensely, learning to better "see" and "feel" what surrounds us. This is reflected in my "observations of nature".

In my works, I strive to create captivating scenes with the light, the choice and the values of the colors, the atmosphere and the movement.

Page 16 Fernand Thienpondt

Poem about Drying Linen. 27 x 37 cm.

Russian Sergey Kurbatov

I like above all to paint the snow; from November to April, everything is covered. According to the light and the time, it sports many nuances, very subtle.
My palette depends on the subject that I paint. But I mostly use yellow ocher, scorched Sienna and indigo. Most of the time, I use 2-3 basic colors and 2-3 additional colors.

Page 17 Sergey Kurbatov

Sunset. 2013

The French Olivier Oudard

2nd winner of the permanent competition, Olivier creates living portraits.

I start with a pencil drawing, more or less precise, depending on the characters I represent: when it comes to people around me, they must be perfectly recognizable, which is the last of my worries for other models. I do not really know where I'm going when I start a painting, I usually start with the face, which is the only part that I feel I'm getting a little bit under control, and then I'll try to put it on better value, with the clothes, the background and any accessories, playing on the color chords and especially on the values.

Page 96 Olivier Oudard

Victorian dance III. 1978. 52 x 74 cm.

Alex Powers's favorite painting

I found the posture of the dancer, with her leg raised, very interesting. At the same time, I did not want my painting to be set in a dance studio ... or, in fact, any other predictable place. At the time this dancer - called Ivey Hill - was posing for me, I came across this old Victorian house. Also, the decision to unite these two subjects was, so to speak, imposed on itself. In fact, the question that one can legitimately ask is the following: but why does she dance in front of a house of the end of the nineteenth century? My painting had to work visually.

Page 88 Alex Powers

My latest painting

These artists have already been published in the Art of Watercolor, here are their latest painting.


The receding tide in St. Malo, Chris Robinson

It was a very easy exercise of value and depth, which allowed me to avoid the temptation to get started immediately in a very complex subject.


Tales of Wheel N°4, 76x54 cm   Lok Kerk Hwang
71x50 cm

I focused on rusty wheels and wicker baskets, all on the back of a busy street.


Surfaces and Edges,   Barbara Nechis
49x55 cm. Aquarelle, acrylique, Encre

I like this picture because the abstract is a completely different genre for me, as well as for its use of sumi-e ink and a surface that I did not know well.


Large Rocks,   Joe Dowden
65x50 cm

This painting is inspired by the great beauty of the mountain ranges of the Arabian Peninsula.



The Hall of Mirrors in Versailles immersed in the light of fairy tales, Paul Dmoch

I am fascinated by the lighting, the importance of lighting and light in painting. To learn the game of light is to forget oneself and to strip one's own mind-body and that of others.


Passage, Marie-Line Montecot
96x63 cm

I let myself be guided by my inspiration, having no preconceived idea of the composition, but rather inspired by the love of the mountain and the taste of the great landscapes that inhabit me.


Green Land N°8,   Tan Suz Chiang
38x60 cm

My challenge here: to paint with a palette of greens, a color with which I am not used to working.


Blue Blue Morning, Thomas W. Schaller
45.7x60.9 cm

This painting is entirely the product of my imagination. In fact, I dreamed it. It happens to me sometimes: I wake up with the desire to draw my dream before forgetting it or even before trying to analyze it.