Michael Mattesi is an American artist who develops a concept of force in drawing, draw with more originality, developing a plan. How it works there?

I broke my piggy bank and I bought three of his books. Here is the first of the 3.

Force-Dynamic Life Drawing for animation- Animals is the second book of Mike Mattesi I read, available in English and French. This book contains drawing techniques developed in two other books, but details of the representation of animals per family.

Force - Character Design from Life Drawing is the third book of Mike Mattesi which I read, only available in English. This book also deals with character design.

The first three chapters incorporate the concepts he developed in the first book, also presented with many illustrations. In this work, the expression is simply pushed a little further. Implementation of 3 videos: Part 1, Part 2 et 3rd movie.

In the last chapters, the author invites other artists to share their work and ideas. Each artist explains his characters, showing how they try to convey their ideas to the public.