Michael Mattesi is an American artist who develops a concept of force in drawing, draw with more originality, developing a plan. How it works there?

I broke my piggy bank and I bought three of his books. Here is the first of the 3.


The author categorizes in 2 parts drawing learning : sharpen one look, and acquire technology.

By technique, he means: the force (and knowledge of anatomy) perspective and shapes.

Summed up in one sentence, draw lines of force applied to forms listed in a 2-4 perspective vanishing points.

Let's begin by learning to look.


Sharping the look


  • Humanity: the artist's first, to be fully present, fully perceptive. To capture the pose of the model, its structure, the tension that emerges from his pose.
  • Truth: the designer makes conscious choices, traits result from conscious choices. The drawings must be noisy.
  • Hypothesis: we must replace our assumptions by the knowledge of reality, consciousness forces model.
  • Passion: the artist has a passion that is to say, give everything in drawing with the belief that we can do what we want.
  • Fear: it is harmful companion we should drive away. Failure does not exist drawing as a drawing missed us forward.
  • Hierarchy: order of importance emerges the main idea, details come later.
  • Supplies: Paper smooth the rider size (46X62 cm), with markers or Caran D'ache pencils





About the author

Mike Mattesi is director of the Entertainment Art Academy based in Southern California, he worked for the past 20 years for clients such as Disney, Marvel Comics, Hasbro, ABC, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Dreamworks and Nickelodeon. He writes a blog on the net.



Author Michael D.Mattesi
Editor Pearson France
Language English
Pages 227
Year of publicatioo 2011
Format 24,4 x 18,8 x 1,4 cm
Register ISBN-13: 978-2744094170
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