Force - Character Design from Life Drawing is the third book of Mike Mattesi which I read, only available in English. This book also deals with character design.

The first three chapters incorporate the concepts he developed in the first book, also presented with many illustrations. In this work, the expression is simply pushed a little further. Implementation of 3 videos: Part 1, Part 2 et 3rd movie.

In the last chapters, the author invites other artists to share their work and ideas. Each artist explains his characters, showing how they try to convey their ideas to the public.


Key concepts


Obviously, they kept similar to the previous book, five principles are listed below:


    • Fear: it is a harmful companion we should drive away. Failure does not exist drawing as a drawing missed us forward.
    • Risk: take some, we are not in danger. And risk-taking is necessary to develop an opinion.
    • Opinion : Follow your insights to feed your experience.
    • Hierarchy: order of importance emerges the main idea, details come later.
    • Contrast and affinity: the contrast creates interest, affinity, or unity are what comes in the drawings, such as shape, color, tone etc..





About the author

Mike Mattesi is director of the Entertainment Art Academy based in Southern California, he worked for the past 20 years for clients such as Disney, Marvel Comics, Hasbro, ABC, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Dreamworks and Nickelodeon. He writes a blog on the net.



Title Character design from life drawing
Author Michael D.Mattesi
Editor Focal Press
Languuage English
Pages 239
Year of publication 2008
Format 1,5 x 21,6 x 27,9 cm
Registration ISBN-13: 978-0240809939
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