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Day by day, year after year
10 years already!


The site includes almost 200 articles, all translated into English and French.

  • 50 articles on Emms' watercolors
  • 40 blog posts (10 years of history!)
  • 25 articles on bibliographic references
  • 40 watercolor cards
  • A dozen articles on techniques

Visits of the current month


In 2018, the site passed the million of viewed articles. On average, it is vistied by 20-30 visitors per day.



Map of visits Oct 2019 -Jan 2020


Guide to site icons

The articles are illustrated by all kinds of media.

Many images come in illustration. In most cases, you can click them to see enlargements.
But there are also videos, PDF files to download.
Below is an explanation of the icons that indicate accessible content in articles.

The main image

This button displays the image of the table or article in a window. This is usually the final picture.

YouTube clip

Many articles are accompanied by clips posted on YouTube. You can find them all by going to the gallery and selecting the film tag.


This button indicates that a download is available. In particular, the most complex articles, with a lot of photos that require a real layout are accompanied by a PDF file that you can download. You can go directly to this section by
the Menu Watercolour Download.


This button is a bit special. It gives access to the greeting cards , which are a sub-part in the portraits section.


This icon appears when you pass over an image is that a ZOOM is possible. By clicking on it you see an enlargement of the image, as for the icon

Watercolorist form

This symbol appears on references of watercolourists for whom an artist file has been created in the sections Watercolorists