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Michael Mattesi is an American artist who develops a concept of force in drawing, draw with more originality, developing a plan. How it works there?

I broke my piggy bank and I bought three of his books. Here is the first of the 3.


Livres Force de M.D.Mattesi

In these winter days, I have spent most of my free time to redesign my site Joomla, I just abandoned the artistic part.

Fortunately, Gabrielle showed me books of Michael.D.Mattesi, during my visit to Compiegne. I was seduced by the drawings of nudes this designer, and I ordered his books.

Resisting the urge to move immediately to the drawing, I started by reading all three books for review in the bibliography section.

They can be read separately, the principles of design being taken throughout each item.

For my part, I do not regret having bought the three books that I recommend to read in order of publication:





Force, Drawing Techniques for dynamic animation explains the concept of force in the drawing, mainly study sketches of nudes, although endnotes there is a chapter on clothing, sketches and animals.




Force, Drawing Techniques for dynamic animation - Animals summarizes the concept in the preface and details throughout the chapters the types of animals, and how to sketch them.




Force, Character Design from Life Drawing is a larger format, in color, but only in English. I consider it as a deepening of the first book.

I hope that the summary of the books in the bibliography section is for you. I can hardly wait for getting to my sketchbook.