Day by day, year after year


A whole site in 2 weeks time

In 2 weeks time, we launched the Xunny website. She wants to apply for art schools at the end of next year, and must build a portfolio of drawings. They need a case.


Loriane had built up on Wiix a first concept.
I took over the graphics and we created a domain name and reserved a server on Siteground. We took a template Myriad, ran the first installation.



A drop-down home page


Portfolio and drawings, main sections

Adaptative presentation

The site is ultra-responsive: a lot of animations, with a Frontpage that unfolds like a story, heads of menus very visual.
We use Gantry5, which adapts the graphic elements to the width of the browser.


The site is in French-English.
This doubles the work, but in 10 years, Joomla has become much easier to configure to associate 2 languages (or +).



Animations on each portion of the homepage


Save time to crobard


The site is launched. It remains to populate its contents. Xunny is already active on Instagram, and the main job is to comment on existing works.
It's my turn to pencil Xunny with a few strokes.