Day by day, year after year

Set up        

On Monday morning, Gervaise accompanied me to the office so that we could exhibit together reproductions of the project Ricochet at the cafeteria of my floor.

I had ordered on a fairly large format (A2) reproductions of the 9 watercolors of the project, with the idea of presenting them on the 2 walls of the café area.
We had 2 walls, on which to place 4 watercolors then 5 watercolors, each time with an explanation board.
Aligning them regularly took us a good 30 minutes, and we weren't too many for that. Armed with a tape measure and patafix, we made the necessary calculations to evenly distribute the boards on the walls.






Why do this exhibition?

I find that each of these portraits tells a story of Morocco, and I wanted to share it with my colleagues. In addition, on Wednesday I presented to a large KB audience what we are doing for Africa. I started the presentation, and mentioned that they were welcome to visit a watercolor exhibit on our floor.
I had prepared 2 explanatory panels in English so that in addition to seeing the watercolors, they understand the game of hidden links from table to table. On each painting, to those who asked me, I told them the story of the painting.

And then it's a ricochet of Ricochet.                      



For example on the argan boutique, the contrast between the black veil, and the jogging pants with the sneakers.
I said to my colleagues: “Does that surprise you? This disturbs you ? In any case, for her everything is fine, it's her life. I explain: this ambiguity exists in many women of Casa, torn between modern and traditional life. His establishment is very clean, and yet it is a small shop lost in the Medina. Look at the panel where French letters and Arabic characters mingle. »

And for each painting, I added a comment on the technique: in this shop, the character and the planes that have the focus are painted very precisely, while the backgrounds are more blurred. As in the previous painting, the dandy with the smartphone, the blur serves to bring out the main character, who is clear to him.
Rather than tracing the silhouettes of the objects with a marker, I painted the two outer sides in monochrome watercolor.

Another painting (I'm not commenting on them in order) the grocers, the 2th of the series.

Always to my visitors: “Like any European, I was apprehensive about Muslims with traditional attire, beards, caps and djelaba. Stopping in front of these people gave me the opportunity to go beyond my apprehensions, to come and meet them.
“I love their expressions, which bring a smile to my face. The one on the left, very gently, which I have restored in your pink and blue tones. The one on the right, with a somewhat gruff expression, and a somewhat dazed look. Both are in a mess, the bazaar of the Medina.”

Big painting challenge to trace all these objects: 4 different varieties of olives, bottles of all kinds, reflections of plastic packaging, its kinds of sausage on display, more than 15 various inscriptions.