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For several weeks now, I have been reviewing the history of The Art of Watercolour. I was 6 years late. Over a few months, I undertook to enrich my site with the 2016 issues of this journal.

I started with issue 12, dated May 2012. It was in 2013, if I remember correctly, about 8 years ago.
I have to say that I love this magazine, of which I have all the issues in my library. Each issue includes a hundred pages, with interviews with the best watercolorists in the world.

The artists explain their technique, often broken down into step by step or demonstrations. On 4 to 8 images, the reader can follow the development of a work.
Of the 53 issues published to date, I have commented on more than twenty.
At the beginning, my articles were quite short, the images small. But over time, I developed the comments, for much more complete articles, and taking up a significant number of the tables presented in the review.

Linking Artists with Watercolor Art Numbers

The advantage of navigation on a site is to be able to put links and suggest routes. With each new magazine that I comment on, I add a few files of watercolourists in the dedicated section.

This allows you to find them, either by browsing a continent, or according to their style (by clicking on the watercolorist menu, you can find the list of watercolourists for a given style).
It also makes it easier for me to maintain my site. If a link to the Facabook page or an artist's site changes, I only have to modify the file, instead of all the artists.


Links between sheets and reviews

I had started to draw up files in 2019, 3 years ago. A short article in the blog explains the idea.

Here is an example of a link, which directly opens the article with the right tab where the artist is quoted. Incidentally, I can refer to interviews on other sites, but this is quite rare.

I enriched the illustrations of the sheet with icons like Facebook.


List of American artists


Detailed step by step

Enlarged sections

Over these last 4 issues, I have developed the explanations: I have almost doubled the size of the articles dedicated to a review.

I explained that a review represents about a hundred pages. That means a lot a lot of content.
The headings are more recognizable, with the portfolios on a black background, the "my latest painting" headings in the news well calibrated.

Most tables are shown on a larger scale. When a table is horizontal, I display it in full page.
The site is designed to be viewed on a computer screen, in 16/9th, or 2/3 format. But it also adapts in vertical format, ie on a smartphone.

Here is a "Step by Step" section. The explanations are much more provided, all the original images are restored.