Selected worldwide, they are unique and online

Classification by style

Flowers by Elena Bazanova

Still life

The art of composition

Olga by Nicholas Simmons

Combined techniques

Combination of watercolor and other medias

Six Mile Bend River by Joe Dowden


Nature interpreted

Venizia by Thierry Duval

Urban landscapes

Perspectives and points of view

Family by Jeff Bertels


Imagination within reach



Mapping of watercolorists around the world

27 artists spread over 4 regions of the world.
At the bottom of the article, you will find the typical description of a card.


Split by region


Europe ...
with French majority


The American continent.
Long live the United States!


Variety of styles


in a Common Wealth


Presentation of an Artist card


Informations about an artist

On the 1st sheet FORM, the artist is introduced with ::

  • His portrait
  • A flag in the colors of his country
  • On the left, categories from genre to artistic, bibliographic references, web page
  • On the right, a literal description of his painting

On the 2 nd sheet GALLERY, a selection of his/her work.
The paintings are arranged on a single page, and if you click on one of them, it appears in large format.
The selection gives an idea of the artist's work, which is commented on the 1st tab.


An animated mosaic

  1. The tab: By clicking on the second tab ‘Gallery’ , you access a selection of the watercolor artist's works. Some of them have painted hundreds of works of all kinds, and according to several themes or various influences. It's just a question of having an idea of the artist's work and style.
  2. The mosaic: The paintings are assembled as on a puzzle which is animated by passing the mouse (or the finger) on the image which one wishes to see in enlargement. Composing a table of tables while remaining in a rectangular format amuses me a lot, and forces me to code a little.