American watercolorists
North America, but also South America

The Venezuelan painter Carlos León-Salazar is a lawyer by profession, in relation to the arts - self-taught. "And when I discovered watercolor, I adopted it forever because plastic watercolor is consistent with the sensations and feelings I feel. "

Barbara names her paintings abstract realism: " My shapes are completely abstract and in combination make something realistic". She publishes her first book Watercolor The Creative Experience in 1979.

Mark paints with watercolor and with acrylic. Landscapes with unexpected luminosities, urban Michigan silhouettes, or stamped abstract footprints.


Linda has made beach scenes her favorite subject. His characters are described without flattery or glamor in an aura of tranquility, emphasizing their dignity and individuality. She is a humorous and energetic teacher who emphasizes the importance of making personal design decisions at every stage of the painting.

Painter of more than forty years, he has during his career developed a painting rich in colors where the forms are more suggested than represented, and in which he does not hesitate to mix techniques with water.


This architect watercolorist became a professional painter in 2009, when the design industry fell into crisis. His urban paintings take up the meaning of the line, but take into account the choice of symbols. He mixes his colors on his sheet, watching the natural effects of the painting. He is also an architectural illustrator with an international clientele, a company he has managed for 20 years. Iain maintains a studio in Opelika, Alabama.