American watercolorists
North America, but also South America

Alexandra aims to capture and connect with a beauty that transcends reality.


Dean Mitchell wields his brush with soft, yet deft, strokes of controlled edges and subtle transitions to honor the spirit of oft-overlooked people and places.

Michael Reardon is an award-winning architectural illustrator. For over 30 years he worked in his career and painted.


L. S. Eldridge’s paintings represent far-reaching topics and feature subjects that become powerful symbols in her work.


The Venezuelan painter Carlos León-Salazar is a lawyer by profession, in relation to the arts - self-taught. "And when I discovered watercolor, I adopted it forever because plastic watercolor is consistent with the sensations and feelings I feel. "

Barbara names her paintings abstract realism: " My shapes are completely abstract and in combination make something realistic". She publishes her first book Watercolor The Creative Experience in 1979.