American watercolorists
North America, but also South America

Painter of more than forty years, he has during his career developed a painting rich in colors where the forms are more suggested than represented, and in which he does not hesitate to mix techniques with water.




Landscape, mixed technique

I think that painting as opposed to opaque and transparent forms allowed me to see things in a more abstract way. For example, I sometimes use opaque light blue to create bright gaps in the sky around and through dark trees. In working this way, my attention is more on the space between forms such as trees and the sky than on the forms themselves. An artist must focus primarily on shapes and relationships between shapes and colors.

Art’s true purpose si to inspire. The whole idea of collecting art for investment defeats the purpose of what art is. Art is pure and honest. It delves into one’s soul or unconscious. Art is for everyone and cannot be trapped. It can be detained for a while, but eventually it will be passed on.

Watermedia Painting with Stephen Quiller, 2008

The exciting news is that no matter where we are – a beginning painter, a serious and experienced mid-level artist, or an obsessed and focused professional – each day we learn more, see more, and feel more deeply. It is never ending. I feel blessed to have painting as my profession, and to be able to share whatever I have to offer with my fellow artists. It is my hope that the information in this book ca touch each reader and help with continued growth on his or her painting journey.

Painter's Guide to Color, September 1999