Asian watercolorists
China, Indonesia and many other countries

This Taiwanese artist has built a solid reputation as a teacher. He has made many landscape and urban scene painting tutorials.


Transfiguring everyday life, the artist chooses old objects stained with rust or marked by erosion to render their hidden beauties.

Her watercolors full of details try to translate the feeling of fullness that arises when one is under water or immersed in one's thoughts. Fascinated by the reflections of liquid on the skin, Jia Li makes us discover the beauty of submerged bodies through the expressions and postures of her models.


The rose is one of the most difficult flowers to imagine. Fe paints the roses clean and easy, these intricate structures have made the petals so soft and light. The watercolor technique, which belongs to the artist, delights and attracts.


The most amazing contribution of the artist Samir Mondal is a continual renewal of the color of the water. He has endowed the colors of water with the status of oils, projecting a facet of the color of water that has never been visualized before. The artist keenly observed the characteristics of oil painting, noted the intrinsic quality of the oils, their richness and their substance. In his attempt to include these elements in the color of water, he has developed textures and structural features as if they are oils.


This Taiwanese painter has a realistic painting of characters, flowers and animals. He won the 2014 World Watercolor Contest.