British Watercolorists
The British School extended to the Commonwealth

British artist Naomi Tydeman paints the night lights of Wales. She appreciates the unpredictable, spontaneous, independent, categorical and voluntary nature of watercolor.


David Paskett was born in 1944 in London. He studied fine art at Hornsey College of Art. His distinctive watercolour technique is founded in oil and tempera painting with emphasis on drawing. Intrigued by still life groupings seen on streets and waterways, his work is characterized by detail, clear shadows, controlled tone and rhythmic repeated pattern.


In love with color, Shirley Trevena relies on her only instinct to paint. Composition, tones, texture effects: everything is achieved in total independence from the rules. Thanks to her, we understand better how the act of creation is inseparable from a certain freedom.


A Scottish artist reveals the hidden beauty of neglected motifs. Technical ability and emotion combine in his works under a strong and contrasting light.

British artist, John Dowden paints landscapes with autumn colors. Values take precedence over colors, and range from white paper to darker tones.