Watercolorists from the Old Continent
From Europe to Russia

Fantastic landscapes, announcing a universe that we discover at each painting. Jef uses different media, oil and watercolor, to describe a delicate and monstrous world.


Jef Bertels



Jef Bertels has been drawing since the age of five, exploring fantastic universes populated by dinosaurs, dragons and monsters.
After studying graphic design in Hasselt, Belgium, from 1981 to 1985, he has devoted himself entirely to oil painting, acrylic painting and watercolor painting.
The paintings in the gallery are mainly watercolors, but also oil paintings. Jef practices all types of painting, including sculpture. He published a Universum book Universum.


Although I appreciate the visual arts in all their forms, my practical passion is expressed in the figurative image, whose abstract aspect interests me as much as the anecdote, without any particular message. I try to create an atmosphere where the fusion between the everyday and the cosmic evokes adventurous emotions. Sometimes I work on a specific plan, sometimes I improvise ... but above all, it is the image evolving that guides me to a result that can surprise me as much as the viewer.

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