Watercolorists from the Old Continent
From Europe to Russia

Rather than describing the atmosphere of a landscape with words, Stéphane develops his own alphabet constructed from around twenty colours. Assembled in the palette or projected onto the paper, they compose syllables that speak for him.






2021: 6th Lun'Aquarelle - Saint Sériès meetings: 1st prize

Why watercolor?
A little water, a color that fuses, then another and everything is possible. A mist appears, a cloud takes shape, a Ventoux takes shape... Figurative watercolourist, everything I like in nature can be born from a simple drop of color stretched by a brush. This game of water and pigments, made of small controlled hazards... That's the charm of watercolour.
Hardly admitting the error, it therefore requires some reflection before laying the first keys - Reflect on the preservation of the whites, on the choice of tonality and on the progress of the work. But all this is not possible only by sharpening one sense: observation. Melting into the landscape in search of new subjects is the starting point of my practice - necessary and exhilarating.
Observe, touch, smell, listen to better feel.During these twenty-five years of practice, I have understood that my passion stems as much from immersion in nature as from creation and sharing.

ArtmajeurStéphane Langeron

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