Animated and most of all not-still LIFE

Xunny and I decided to try a common experiment: to draw a series of animals but biding to with 2 conditions: they are in movement and they must be mechanical.

Why these constraints? To oblige oneself to interpret life, to render an artistic vision.

The Rhino



We assemble our drawings after several weeks of research.

I skips the numerous tests, the video shows some of them.

Here is one of the exploratory branches. The problem is that by mechanizing, we quickly lose the characteristics of the rhino, to do something else.

For example, we drifted to the gorilla, loosing grip on our initial objectoves!

The watercolor was made very quickly: we continued the theory of gray mice (see dedicated article) by opting for a vermilion red base + yellow Cadmium, and a gray on the ultramarine blue.

This looks like electric tones, which are the essence of our mechanical interpretation.


Watercolor in shades of bluish gray and orange background.


Sketch of a charging Rhino
Preparatory works on tablet


Mecanisation attempt


Robotized Rhino
Preparatory works on tablet