Animated and most of all not-still LIFE

"In the style of", 6 watercolors following the style of an artist.

This project closes my wildlife watercolor pad.


Circles and scrolls


Mucha mouse

A few pages to complete a watercolor paperpad representing animals.

The new project is to paint "in the style of", which opens a wide range of possibilities.

JI begin with Alphonse Mucha who was the darling of the early 20th century, with vaporous women contrasting over geometrical forms.

I start with the main character, the mouse, giving her a pose similar to that of these distant women.

Mice have simple shapes, I am looking for a compromise between a human pose and the morphology of the animal.

Geometric shapes are a bit difficult to make freehand. I'm trying to style 'Art Nouveau' at the bottom left.


The Trappist