Do not leave empty-handed, I have prepared something for you

Fabulous, a movement towards the marvellous. First of this series: the star fisher.

When the Sea, Benoît's song conveyed to a large comics format.

Mecanat, meaning MECAnic insect, NATuralist watercolour and writers mecenat.

To enhance confinement, Olivier offers a cycle of 12 songs (1 per month) using the symphonic orchestra. Each illustrates, at the end of a short film soundtrack, one of the months of the year.

The rockstar of the Medina. Who sings the watercolours of Casa.

Nocturnal melancholy of an android painted following Gauthier's order.

A movie of the watercolour with an original music by OAMM.

At the request of Gervaise, I took over Ellipse 3 on a larger format (40X37cm).
The story of a special painting.

Get lost in the Medina of Casablanca.

Which of the place or its inhabitants shape the other? Ricochet.

A movie of the watercolor with original music by OAMM and Minetti on guitar.

A journey in 5 stages of the same view, in an elliptical trajectory.

A movie with original music from OAMM and Minetti on guitar.

It's a mess!

Welcome to Casablanca's bazaar.

A movie about the watercolour with an exclusive music from OAMM and Minetti playing the guitar.

Let's dance.
A tortuous artistic path reaching to a watercolor.

For this watercolour, I have chosen an urban landscape.

Fall colours over the beautiful buildings of Madrid.

A movie shows the execution of the painting.

For the year 2017, Set free your creativity!

The making-of the greating card.

A competition between digital and brushes! The story in pictures on YouTube.

I offer a serie of techno dance aniblocks.

You can see the rendered animation on YouTube.


Below 2 aniblocks for horses:

You can see the animation on YouTube.