Open the door to unexpected

I offered Gauthier to paint something special for him. I was thinking of a portrait with some Moscow place in background.But Gauthier wanted a scene of heroic fantasy. I showed him paintings of Frazetta. Here we go for a reproduction of a barbarian rider.

Original painting

Frazetta Frank, The Death Dealer, 1973

Original painting from Frazetta. It is an almost monochrome oil painting, I am going to work on transposing it on watercolor.

I take a very large format (42X61 CM) to have the opportunity to return the details.

I will opt for a more orange version, while keeping the brightness. I choose my pigments, the colors are very small:

  • Naples Yellow, aureolin
  • Raw sienna
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Black tones are made of a combination of Winsor blue (red shade) et Indian red

Frazetta Frank, The Death Dealer (variation), 1973