Open the door to unexpected

Nocturnal melancholy of an android painted following Gauthier's order.


Gauthier's wish list


Ten years ago now, I had painted a commissioned painting for Gauthier: the barbarian horseman. It was a copy of Frazetta's Night Rider.

When I asked Gauthier what would make him happy for Christmas, he replied with a watercolor. Yes, but which one?

Gauthier loves imaginary worlds, so we thought science fiction. I proposed several concepts to him, and that of an Android Blade Runner was what he preferred.

To summarize its specifications, the painting should include:

  1. A woman as the main character
  2. A mechanical arm
  3. A position at the window, dominating a SF landscape
  4. A night atmosphere

To put this request into practice, I used my 3D creation software and I composed the character, the angle of view, the lights.

I ended up with an image which I then carried on a clip with a small animation and music. The scene is set.


Concept preparation on 3D software