If you could accompany me to places that do not exist and yet we see

Surrounded by artists as I am, between a husband former expert in figurines who became watercolorist, and my daughter always drawing on the kitchen table or on the floor, I could only end up catching the virus and start drawing or painting.


More attracted by painting than drawing, and certain that Emmanuel would supply good advice to me (and lend me his equipment), so I turned to watercolors.

What subject should I choose? Still life, flowers, landscape, or even portrait.... All sorts of examples and tutorials available to me in the many works acquired by Emmanuel for his new passion ...

And I naturally turned to a landscape, a subject that attracts me so much. With my tutor help, his eye and atrixstic touch, I escaped the creative pitfalls, and achieved my first "work of art". I'm, pretty happy and I enjoyed the result.