Graphic lines and volume

New painting which is part of Amazons serie. It is a tribute to Frazetta, without claiming to do as well as he does, but starting from his paintings of heroic-fantasy.

The composition is a digital drawing made on a graphic tablet.

The painting is a 42 x 42cm watercolour.

This is the fifth painting in the serie of the Amazons. This works deals with an equestrian figure in motion. Composition is drawn on a graphic tablet, as for the other paintings of this serie.

Explanation movie is made in After Effects, with an intro in Daz3D,

After many trials and hesitation, I have started an equestrian composition, inspired by a photo taken on the Internet. The steps below.

The composition is done on a drawing tablet.

3rd part of the series dedicated to amazons (links here first and second), this amazon takes a break.

The composition is in progress on a drawing tablet.

Following the serial of amazons, here is an archer, painted on 30X40 CM.

Composition was prepared on a drawing tablet.

I am starting with this painting a new serie, the amazons.

The concept consists into combining nudes with movement, which makes amazons.