Transparency of the medium, truth of the model

In a new episode of XIII, two secret agents wish you a happy new year from the house of the people


Movie available, see the step-by-step.

First sketch

First idea, first sketch


Gauthier and Loriane are perched on the balcony of Casa Poporului, Gabrielle appears in the clouds.

I do a sketch with paper pencil, after installing and Loriane Gauthier. They act as mysterious characters, more photos are needed to find the smile of the spy-boy, but our spy-girl finds her character from the very first minute.

The characters are slightly cons-diving, and stand out from the perspective of Unirii Avenue, bathed in the morning sun, ie a sky light on the horizon, and buildings that pass through the shadow from left to right of the painting.

The pencil is nice, but does not allow me to see if the composition will work the way I want. Then I leave a marker to highlight the features of the characters ... Then the ink, because I want to paint a figure a kind of backlight ... And watercolors, because the color is essential to make the brightness ...

It's quick, but it's nice to stay dynamic and intuitive...